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Bluetooth Receiver Kit for Bang & Olufsen Audio Products.


Bluetooth Receiver for connecting iPhone, iPad or Android device to the Din 'AUX'

or 'Tape' socket

on any recent B&O Audio Product, using Bluetooth streaming.


Full stereo HiFi sound.

Simple & Easy setup





Cable for iPod/iPad/iPhone or MP3 players to B&O audio systems using the AUX socket

3.5mm phono plug to7 pin Din - 3.0 m long





Cable for B&O turntable to Non B&O amplifier

2 RCA to 7 pin Din to socket 30 mm long + earth/ground




Cable for Non B&O product (TVs) to Current B&O audio systems

2 RCA to 7 pin Din to plug 3.0 m long





SET TOP BOX Bracket for BV 7-32/40/55, BV6 & BV10

Suits single pipe stand/base or Dual pipe stand/base


No damage to Stand - Fully removable - Holds Boxes up to 65mm thickness




Cable for Non B&O product (Sub woofer or amplifier) to Current B&O audio systems





Cable PL Ø5MM RJ45-RJ45 BK 1.5m,3m,5m,10m







Cable Length

Network Link Product cable ML-RJ45 1.5/3/5/10m black






Cable Length

Cable ML Black  HF








Cable PL SHIELDED BLACK 2.5/5/10/20m







Cable Length
Cable Length

PL- Y Din Splitter Adaptor Cable 8 pin Din

Master Link junction box, Black



Network Link Product Cable PL-RJ45

'Not suitable for Beolab 5'






Cable Length

Network Link Product cables

 RJ45-RJ45 BK 1.5m,3m,5m,10m







Cable Length

Cable RJ45/DIN female 250mm 'Not suitable for Beolab 5'

PL/AUX Din cable coupler

PL Link cable coupler -front view RJ45

PL Link cable coupler - back view RJ45

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